“I am following the drift of what he says”

He is so loathed by his people. None of his ideas or schemes or gimmicks would stay. The ugly green that he promoted will soon disappear from Libya. Shame on all the leftist groups and quasi leftist leaders who gave support to Qadhdhafi over the years: especially George Hawi, Muhsin Ibrahim, Walid Jumblat, and others. Do you know when he fought his war in Chad, he asked those leaders to send him fighters and they actually did in return for his dollars. What about that US tenured professor who wrote a book in English in praise of Qadhdhafi’s Green Book? He told me that wrote it in return for Libyan money. The ball is rolling: it does not seem to stop.

I’m not advocating violence, but you can suppress and oppress people for so long that sooner or later someone will turn down that track. I’m something of a cynic of the words of Clyde Holding and his government because instead of responding to the needs of Aboriginal people, they’ve come out – since I’ve returned to Australia – in nothing but a personal attack. If they continue their political madness and racist approach of cutting the Aboriginal Affairs budget next year, then I can indicate now that I will return to Libya and I will specifically be seeking funds.

Even when old Chicka Dixon and Kath Walker went to China back in the ’60s, it caused a big furore. Um, this…um, one created a bigger furore because it was, er, in Libya where Gaddafi was held to be a world terrorist. And so, obviously, er…er, one Aboriginal going there and badmouthing Australia will draw a lot of attention. If you’re talking about terrorism, maybe the terrorism isn’t with guns and knives but we feel we’re being terrorised by the Australian Government. You know? So don’t tell us about Libyans.


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