“perhaps, just perhaps”

But like Polanski, [and Tommy] Sheridan because Assange is a ‘celebrity’ this supposedly makes him above the law. Such a privileged position is denied to all women but we aren’t demanding that – what we are demanding is the right of sexual autonomy and ownership of our bodies. Not as at present wherein any man can rape us and claim ‘but she didn’t say no’ or I reasonably believed she consented because she was asleep when I penetrated her!’

But real issue is, irrespective of whether Assange is guilty or not is men’s continued belief they are entitled to have sexual access to women and girls 24/7 and that is why so many men are falling over themselves promoting lies and attempting to derail the central issue, because curbing men’s pseudo sex right to women must never be challenged or even subject to prosecution and perhaps, just perhaps conviction.

I would like to ask all those people getting their undies in a knot about a high profile white western man, with rich influential friends, being extradited from one western democracy to another? Do you EVER worry about the number of people being deported from this country every day, back to places like Uganda?

via Too Much To Say For Myself and Harpy Marx.


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