“Down with social-democratic treachery”

The CPGB-ML calls for support for the Libyan govern-ment in its fight to crush attempts to take control of Libyan oil out of the hands of the Libyan people…

The CPGB-ML denounces as fraudulent the aAttempts by the imperialist media to portray the Libyan govern-ment in the same light as those of the puppet dictators in Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain are totally fraudulent…

To compare Libya with Tunisia, Egypt or Bahrain is to compare chalk with cheese. To start with, Libya has a standard of living comparable to Britain’s…

In these circumstances, it should be obvious that for the Gaddafi regime to survive at all and to continue implementing its progressive programme, it had to resort to repression of its most dangerous enemies….

Down with social-democratic treachery; down with imperialism! VICTORY TO THE LIBYAN REVOLUTION; VICTORY TO GADDAFI! HANDS OFF LIBYA!


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