Royal Wedding Communique From the Workers & Peasants of Berlusconi Youth

The Workers & Peasants of Berlusconi Youth will soon depart for the Irish Failed State where they shall enjoy the Royal Wedding holiday wandering the streets and galleries of Dublin while listening to (classic) Scandinavian Black Metal.

It is the fondest hope of the Workers & Peasants of Berlusconi Youth that the Royal nuptials are neither marred (nor, indeed, sullied) by any of the following scenarios:

  • A drunk and belligerent Prince opens fire with an automatic rifle at the reception, otherwise known as “Pulling a Dipendra”.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury harshes everyone’s high by talking about Jesus and/or Diana.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury further harshes everyone’s high by reciting one of his poems.
  • The cameras in Westminster Abby dwell overly long on the rapidly expanding bald patch on Prince Williams head.
  • Within weeks of the wedding Dear Kate is caught by the paparazzi checking out of an Holiday Inn Express somewhere on the M5 with two reserve team footballers from MK Dons.
  • Brittney shows up.

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