Mindless Berlusconi Yoof have done what Mindless Berlusconi Yoof do best: FUCK SHIT UP and making other people pay the price.

I did teh swears and Bourgeois Backpacker got in trouble.

It’s like Cooley said, “if you were supposed to watch your mouth all the time I doubt your eyes would be above it.”


Sir, I was wondering: are riots good for gross domestic product? Certainly the purloining of items is simply a transfer from one warehouse to a thieves’ den, but both the replacement of the item by the retailer and the thief then spending his or her disposable income elsewhere must surely be a double positive whammy for the economy. Not to mention the impact of extra (re)construction, police overtime and so on feeding back into the economy.

While clearly wrong and traumatic for victims, in pure GDP terms surely some light in a dark tunnel?

Michael Carter,
eFactory Limited,
London W6, UK


Well I must say that I would have expected such heterophobiaz from our sisters and brothers in the Metropolitan Community Church set, but I had hoped that the Uniting Church produced a higher caliber cadre of organic theologian than this so-called “Bourgeois Backpacker“.

I can only surmise that I was premature in my hopes that such vulgarity was a thing of the past when the Church resolved the matter of the Reverend Roland Boer in a quiet and mutually satisfactory manner.

Can I remind Mr Backpacker that when John Wesley began his open-air ministry and “submitted to be more vile” I am confident that he did not envisage slagging off the breeders who, however much we may irritate you with our high street shopping expeditions on a Saturday morning, or failure to appreciate the fact that while I am sure that every utterance my child makes is indisputable proof of his genius and no doubt endlessly fascinating to myself, the rest of you would just like to be left alone with your irresponsibility, are decent people who do not simply exist on the interwebz to be the objects of drunken abuse. This is how RAHOWAz start.


Bronwyn Pike, MP


The notion that telling the Mindless Berlusconi Yoof to read the instructions properly is so far off I don’t even know where to begin.


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