I Knew A Lady Who Came From Duluth Bit By A Dog With A Rabid Tooth She Went To Her Grave Just A Little Too Soon Flew Away Howling On The Yellow Moon

Here’s some photos from the Great State of Wisconsin for you — because it’s all the same fucking place and like you can tell the difference between blurry pictures of snow and trailers and shit.

I’m going to Budapest for a while to drink dessert wines in spa hotels and visit the brutalist transformer stations the Wallpaper guide tells me to visit.

But if my senile uncle Chairman Boer asks, tell him I’m going to Budapest for a while to wander around muttering about how everything was so much better under Communism (even if that bullshit “Goulash communism” failed to adequately stamp out the sinful practice of grandmothers selling home-made palinka) and how those sabotagists in ’56 got what they deserved. Just like those private school kids in their shiny, shiny shoes and monogrammed hockey socks.

I love my senile uncle Chairman Boer, but sometimes I don’t love the plans he’s making for the future of the Australian economy…

PS: Sumfink u can lol @ “A couple of months ago, Tim Morton seemingly banned me from commenting at my site after I questioned his claim of being a vegan and his joyful consumption of honey, something which no vegan eats–although so-called “beegans” do. A few days later, he added on me on Twitter and then sent me a copy of his book. I’m not sure if it was a peace-making gesture (as with Levi’s acknowledgements) or if there really is a disconnect between “the person who commented on my blog” and the “real person.””

(1) No: My senile uncle Chairman Boer really is my uncle and he really is senile.
(2) Why would you want to make peace with someone who gets up in your shit for eating honey? I mean if someone was bugging me about eating honey no way would I send them free shit unless it was a free foot in their ass.
(3) What the fuck are you even eating honey for anyway? I meann, if you’re so into RAPE BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT EATING HONEY IS ITS RAPE YOU’RE A RAPIST IF YOU EAT HONEY why not just stick your dick in the beehive if you’re so into RAPE BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT EATING HONEY IS ITS RAPE YOU’RE A RAPIST IF YOU EAT HONEY.


3 responses

  1. But only a man of little importance or conseqende – the Band is (still and always will be) playing Waltzing Matilda. In a land of honeybees and cows with udders AND kangaroos make meat.

    PS. I’m a fruiterian because I don’t like anything but fruit. Wine counts as fruit. Posh wine – that what not got no shit innit.

    September 18, 2011 at 6:48 pm

  2. conse-what? exactly. inconsequential anyway.

    September 18, 2011 at 6:49 pm

  3. Are you a real fruiterian – really NOTHING but fruit?

    Excuse my skepticism, but I fear your fruitarianism may be closer to Fruitopianism…

    September 26, 2011 at 11:36 am

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