“The propaganda of the deed is only worthwhile when there is a clear strategy underpinning it”

I don’t really know what that means, but good discussion of the hashtag occupations in the comments here:


Highlights include:

“Some people on the left are so desperate for a sign of hope that they cling onto any manifestation of discontent.  … It’s an assortment of well-meaning (and mostly affluent) hobby protesters combined with nutty conspiracy theorists, some of who are unpleasant.”

“I mean look at this picture from Occupy London for example http://i.imgur.com/LVT1I.jpg WHAT THE FUCK?? Are these people even on our side at all??”

“So unlike the far-left these characters are predominantly middle class, have naïve and unrealistic politics, and unlike a typical far-left organised event this has attracted next to no working-class support or trade union presence? Best stick with the far left I’d say.”

And the winner is:

“I think the political platform is fairly coherent to be honest, although it is perhaps not as fleshed out nor formalised as Trotsky’s transitional programme.”

Personally I don’t understand why everyone has moved onto this thing and abandoned the objectively revolutionary Clapham Junction Carphone Warehouse Intifada so fast.

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