“A Bastion Of Capitalism”

Entirely accidentally, the Church of England has become the centre of debates about economic reform for the first time since the crusades saw a weakening of anti-usury laws. Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters were prevented from occupying the LSX so settled for camping outside of St Paul’s cathedral instead. Initially welcoming the attention the way a neglected elderly relative in a retirement home would, shit’s changed with the school holidays coming up and the loss of revenue costing the church some £20,000 a day.

You think the Church is fucking made of money?

Nah, you’re thinking of those Nigerian Pentecostal faith-healers, bro.

… a senior clergyman and former chaplain of the stock exchange turned on St Paul’s for failing to take action against the camp on its doorstep.

Rev Peter Mullen, whose parish neighbours the 17th [century] masterpiece, said it was about time legal action was taken and that proceedings started to remove the 200-or so tents.

He said that the management of the cathedral, known as the Dean and Chapter, must be “rueing the day” they welcomed the activists – especially as it had caused them to close the building to tourists and worshippers.

However he said it was time to come out and support moves by the local authority, the Corporation of London, to move on the camp before it becomes more entrenched.

“It was a very nice romantic gesture but St Paul’s has to recognise that it lives in the capitalist world,” said Rev Mullen.

“In fact I would argue it is a bastion of capitalism. Why else does it charge £14.50 entry and take immense amount of money from the City.

“It has just been given £40m to renovate its stonework. I can just see the calls now that that would have been better given to the poor.”

Yes, perhaps that £40,000,000,000 could have been used to plug the hole in the Church of England pension fund? It’s not as sexy as shining some rocks, but still….

“Faith in the equity markets and the consequences of new regulations have holed the Church’s flagship pension scheme, where the shortfall grew by two-and-a-half times within two years to reach £352m.”
– Sam Jones and Norma Cohen, “Pensions: Lead Into Temptation”, Financial Times, 11 Jan 2010.
Ah crap.
Rev Trefusis, a 48-year-old father of four young children, noted that, like many other clergy, he will lose his church-provided home at retirement. “They are actually pushing clergy into poverty in old age,” he said.
– Norma Cohen, “Clergy face up to fall in earthly rewards”, Financial Times, 3 Nov 2009.
Hmmm… maybe it’s time to start selling indulgences again?

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