Occupy The AAR! Late Check-Outs For The 99%!

Tebowing” was the new “Planking” and now “Occupying” is the new “Tebowing”!

Plans to occupy the AAR/SBL Conferences have been announced on the social networking site, Facebook.

At this stage, no plans have been announced to occupy the ETS Conference. At present, ETS remains unoccupied.

Organisers have published the following questions for discussion at the web conference. They use the mellifluous phrase, “congruence of possibility”.

What would it mean to occupy at AAR/SBL?

Religion, in all of its diversity, has been and will continue to be integral to the occupations. Might we, a large community of scholars of religion, stand not only in solidarity but also as part of this congruence of possibility, which has named itself the 99%? What might this look like? What form(s) might it take? How do we harness ourselves and our resources to be present in the world as part of a community that stands for justice?

Don’t worry if you haven’t booked your room at the Westin yet, because this is what democracy looks like!

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