My Little Lenin

Chairman Boer informs us of a political debate of utmost contemporary relevance for which there can only be one properly scientific theological answer. Lenin: Best Cartoon Ever?

Meanwhile, in bourgeois utopian political debate of barely any relevance to the travails of the 99% who yearn only for electrification, collective farming, and the militarization of labour, we wonder, ‘Could the waiter please switch the TV from the news to “My Little Pony”?’


One response

  1. Dear Lord, what the hell has happened to American men? This is why marriage rates are down. The modern 20-something male is either an egotistical jerk who thinks women should feel honored to kneel at their feet, or a wimpy effeminized product of generation “just be yourself, if people judge you that’s THEIR problem!” Can the media please give creedence to real gentlemen and not the modern man-children with a weirdo interest in entertainment geared towards preschoolers?

    Your ignorance disgusts me. You speak of equals and gentlemen. Well I know where the gentlemen are! Many of them are bronies, and they are not dating women like you! And while you speak of “being equals” and “acting adult” and not getting men who are chauvinistic pigs, your Nazi style feminism somehow gives you pause to label us and judge us something unclean and degenerate, and you call us “man-children” simply because of what we like to watch and do with our hobbies, whereas I would be called a sexist if I called you a certain b word! You’re despicable! The world ill needs females like you!

    November 7, 2011 at 11:39 am

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