Long Live Deng Xiaoping Theory

The luxury apartments of Versailles Residentiel de Luxe La Grand Maison, located next to a polluted river in the third-tier coastal city of Wenzhou, have not yet been built but are already on sale for as much as Rmb70,000 ($11,000) a square metre. That is more than double the annual income of the average Wenzhou resident, who would have to save every penny for 350 years to buy a 150 sq m home in this development.


Wukan used to make a tidy sum from fishing, and was originally happy to sell off its farmland. But in recent years, a combination of pollution and large trawlers has diminished the fishery. The gap between the rich and poor in the village has also upset many, with at least a hundred families, including those of the former party secretary and village finance chief, living in palatial three and four storey mansions, all built on farmland. On Wednesday, almost all the rich families had also retreated out of the village, while the ones who remained refused to comment on the protests, shut in behind high walls and strong steel gates.


Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka will join China’s Shanghai Shenhua with a contract that may make him among the world’s best-paid soccer players. … The 32-year-old Frenchman will earn 10.6 million euros ($14.1 million) annually at Shenhua, which ranked the 11th in the 16-team Chinese Super League last season that ended in November, according to a report by Chinese news portal Sina.com.cn. Shenhua is owned by billionaire Zhu Jun, the chairman of Chinese online game operator and developer The9 Ltd.


“This is just the beginning. Every transfer window from now on you will expect to see more 30-plus world stars, or previous world stars, starting to take big salary payments for a couple of years in China,” said Rowan Simons, a Beijing-based expert on soccer in China and author of “Bamboo Goalposts,” which recounts his efforts to help grass roots soccer take hold there.

“It’s egos, isn’t it? Egos of very rich men. And soccer is a very obvious — you see this all over the world — place to splash cash. It’s toys for very rich boys,” Simons said in a phone interview. It’s “massive games going on with huge amounts of money that are linked into politics and the egos of oligarchs while having absolutely zero effect on the health of the game of football in China.”


Congratulations to the workers of the People’s Republic who have used the tools of capitalism to build communism – The New York Cosmos cicra-1974!

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  1. Twilight Sparkle

    Well you may mock, Mr Yoof, from the comfort of your bourgeois life outside Real Communism in the People’s Republic of China. But I have met frequently with a number of prominent Marxist thinkers within China, some of them acquaintances of members of the Central Committee, all of them theologians, so I know that – contrary to Western media reports – communism is alive and well in China. Your stance amounts to little than Western prejudice. Time to pack your bags and experience China firsthand, just as I experienced Ponyville firsthand when Princess Celestia wanted me to learn that knowledge can never be as important as friendship.

    December 15, 2011 at 3:39 am

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