“Coldhearted Guys”

Time for a round-up of news beyond your usual liberal imperialist propaganda?

Can you handle the truth when it isn’t fabricated by corporate shills and/or Reptilians in the office towers of imperialist capitals?

Want some more cheap laughs at North Korea?

Try these on for size:

Those Who Hurt Dignity of DPRK Supreme Leadership Deserve Severest Punishment: KCNA*
Nickel Silver Tray, Present to Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Un Presented with Special Honorary Membership of Nepal Journalist Association
Kim Jong Un Enjoys Music and Dance Performance

* “The Lee group is a gang of worst political hooligans and depraved guys … It also made public a statement peppered with unspeakable insolent words which can be used only by coldhearted guys.”


(My old man Kiwigger D. also “used to call me a no good punk”. And you know that “bite the curb” bit in American History X? That was a really violent movie.)

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