Two World Wars (And One World Cup)

The Workers & Peasants of the Berlusconi Youth were out drinking and arguing about Hungarian judicial reforms tonight. Now we’re settling in with the people’s second-t0-last bottle of Moldovan wine and a box of Shreddies to watch the South Carolina Primary.

Praise Tebow, there is a life after losing that bet on Perry.

And tomorrow is Abu Dhabi v Tottenham then Van Persie v Man Utd then Baltimore @ Noo In-grrr-lund… In-grrr-lund… Two World Wars and One World Cup: In-grr-lund ! ! ! In-grr-lund ! ! ! and finally Giants @ SanFran.

Achtung, babies; two things:

One: Here’s my take on Ron Paul.


“Show some respect, son; your grandpa has lead an interesting life. Sure he gets a little silly when you talk about the banks or Dr King, but he’s still your grandpa and you need to show him some respect.”

Two: How good is this coming war with Argentina gonna be?

Seriously. I think it’s just what this country needs to get out of the doldrums, and a nice adventure after the royal wedding and before the Jubilee. I mean imagine the look on Queen Betty’s face when we give her Kirchner’s head on a silver platter! It makes me happy just thinking about her maj being happy.

And let’s see if some of those mindless rioting innercity yoof can win back the nations trust. I mean, if you can throw a half brick through the window of a Phones 4 U store, you can kill a few Argies, right?

And after we’ve sorted out the Argies for good this time?

We take back Hong Kong.

Let’s show Johnny Chinaman with his one brand new Cold War relic second hand ex-Ukrainian aircraft carrier who’s still boss, eh chums? Give me a dozen Dublin class third rates and I’ll give you the city in a week.

What’s that you say, boy? Oh, I’m sorry. Did Her Majesty’s mighty 32 pounders break the windows of your brand new Versace store. Well, tough cheddar, Johnny Chinaman.

Tough cheddar.



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