The Left Is So Dysfunctional It Is A Miracle The Green Lantern Movie Ever Got Made

Heghlu ‘meH QaQ jajvam!

I have been convinced for years that “David Ellis” was a computer programme, probably run by MI5 or MI6, to sow a bit of disruption wrapped in Trotspeak on left discussion lists. Apparently such automated means of intervening on the Internet have been used by the Americans in the “war on terrorism”. In the light of that information, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to set up a computer programme that hinges on “You are a Stalinist” “you are a Gulag camp guard” etc. etc, and turn it loose…

… “chic Menshevik positivist”? Is that what teh kids are calling each other now on Jersey Shore?

For purposes of this discussion, I will focus strictly on Issue #137. Did Mr. Winick say to himself, “Yeah, Hal Jordan may be the savior of Sector 2814, but it’s not like he ever befriended a gay teenager. Now, that’s a superhero!” Who on this planet has ever said to themselves, “Say, I wonder whether gay people are actually okay folks just like you and me. I sure wish Green Lantern would weigh in on the matter”?

Bonus all talk and no action Argies!

Bonus “This is Steve Earle singing Townes Van Zandt and you know it’s Steve Earle singing Townes Van Zandt! baQa’!


2 responses

  1. Notice the Lenin and Stalin posters in the recent protests in Russia – Show some guts, dudes, and seize power!

    February 1, 2012 at 1:46 am

    • … turning to news from the world of sport now, Australian biblical scholar Roland Boer has urged communists in Russia to take inspiration from former legends of the club, including Joseph Stalin, to “show some guts” and seize political power. “Monday’s experts,” muttered professional Richmond supporter and Australian folk-rock stalwart Mick Thomas, “Monday’s fucken experts. Buncha fucken idealists if you ask me. ‘Show some guts’. Jeeeeeesus. What they need is a decent Centre Half Forward and a clear-out of the whole bloody coaching staff.”

      February 1, 2012 at 11:52 am

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