Every Day Is Ashura, Every News Source Is The Onion (#1)

From the NYT via CNBC comes the story of a Jewish technology venture capitalist who can only communicate via mainstream rap lyrics.

Throw business classes and books out the window, Mr. Horowitz says, and listen to rap lyrics instead. … When he explained on his blog why his venture firm favored founding chief executives, as opposed to those hired to run companies, he had trouble explaining one of the more subtle reasons — people care more about something they started, while outsiders care more about money.

Then he remembered a lyric by Rakim from the song “Follow the Leader:” “You’re just a rent-a-rapper, your rhymes are minute-maid/I’ll be here when it fade to watch you flip like a renegade.”

Mr. Horowitz said, “Because it’s Rakim, and he’s like the greatest rapper of all time, he could fit into two sentences what it took me three pages to explain.”

Kind of reminds me of the debate over here about a young men in America these days who rely on My Little Pony for life lessons about friendship and morality. And Rainbow Dash isn’t even like the greatest rapper of all time.


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