Every Day Is Ashura, Every News Source Is The Onion (#2)

Fucking Herald-Sun. The Onion would never get this wrong:

Real-life Batman: The blind leading the blind

DANIEL Kish is completely blind but can still manage walking, hiking and even riding a dirt-bike by himself.

He does it by using a revolutionary “bat-like” ability known as “Flash Sonar” to create a special picture of the world around him using clicking sounds made with his tongue.
As he walks, Mr Kish uses the sound waves bouncing back to “see” his surroundings as a series of pixel-like images.

That’s Daredevil you fucking hacks! That’s Daredevil! Who doesn’t know that Daredevil is the blind guy using sonar to see?! You incompetent tabloid fucks! Batman isn’t blind! He’s the billionaire playboy who dresses young boys up in colorful costumes and jumps them off tall buildings. Who doesn’t know this shit?


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