Me and my friends responded to the worldshaking news that selloutpunk Tom Gabel from Against Me! is going to become a woman the same way I’m sure people all around the world did, by discussing what we’d be called if we decided to become women. Me? Well, there’s only one name that would suit the Workers and Peasants of the Berlusconi Youth.

REM Speedwagon!

Ish thish not the dialechtic? M-to-F sex change = totally punk. F-to-M sex change = also punk but perhaps questionable in the eyes of the riot grrrls. M-to-F sex change to maybe turn into your mom = something you could maybe get away with if you hadn’t already signed to Warner Bros and released that terrible album White Crosses, so as it stands that’s probably your third strike, son. I’m sorry. I don’t make the rules.

Also! There’s too much sincerity on this issue on the internet. Corporate rock star exists for my entertainment. That is all.


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