Look at this reactionary nonsense! It seems to suggest some kind of contradiction between the actions of the People’s government during the imperialist counter-revolution of Tienanmen Square and the life of Christ! Is she suggesting that the People’s democratic dictatorship is not objectively fulfilling the Will of Christ?


Forgiveness for what?

Ish thish not as even a liberal faschisht dilettante like Zizek knowsch, the highest “trick” of Chrischtianity (when not read through the correct Reformed/Anti-Revisionist lens), to impose some kind of hitherto unknown sin upon the subject for which they must seek atonement?

Ok, we get it. You are not amongst the Cadres of the Elect – whose number seems to dwindle each and every month, to be honest – but do you have to rub our faces in your damnation?

In other news, the Workers & Peasants just put £10 on Generation Scum: The Next Generation at 10/1 to win the Yuroz.

Allez mon petit Eurabians! Allez!


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