Petty Bourgeois Barbarians At The Gates!

Comrade Delta, Comrade Alpha

Just as the 6th Congress of the Communist International called for the “application of the most perfect methods of statistical accounting” in the building of communism, so it is that the struggle for the soul of what is, objectively, the single legitimate organ for the revolutionary advancement of the workers and peasants of the United Kingdom comes down to a question of numbers.

What is the precise percentage of ultra-left/petty bourgeois, social fascist/syndicalist pseudo-comrades infected by the liberal virus of feminism/reformism who can be purged from the SWP, without fatally reducing revenue streams and cadre labour such that the revolution which has been objectively imminent for the last forty years is, in actually, undermined?

And can the true sons, daughters and trans-sensitive yoof of Marxist-Leninist Democratic Centralism reach this golden number before the Central Committee starts to wield to IRL banhammer?



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