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The Internet Is Petty Bourgeois



Clueless and Vindictive

Clueless and vindictive

“…if you don’t like what people are saying online don’t hide away in your branch meetings…”

Petty Bourgeois Barbarians At The Gates!

Comrade Delta, Comrade Alpha

Just as the 6th Congress of the Communist International called for the “application of the most perfect methods of statistical accounting” in the building of communism, so it is that the struggle for the soul of what is, objectively, the single legitimate organ for the revolutionary advancement of the workers and peasants of the United Kingdom comes down to a question of numbers.

What is the precise percentage of ultra-left/petty bourgeois, social fascist/syndicalist pseudo-comrades infected by the liberal virus of feminism/reformism who can be purged from the SWP, without fatally reducing revenue streams and cadre labour such that the revolution which has been objectively imminent for the last forty years is, in actually, undermined?

And can the true sons, daughters and trans-sensitive yoof of Marxist-Leninist Democratic Centralism reach this golden number before the Central Committee starts to wield to IRL banhammer?


You’re a Mean One, Comrade Delta

Hands Off Mali

The tireless Workers and Peasants of the Berlusconi Youth have been undergoing what one might call “holiday-style treatment” for the past few months.

But then something came along so bizarre, so objectively fucked-up, that even We had to emerge from our heavily guarded compound to issue a public statement.

(See relevant, above)









Etc., Etc.

What do the Workers and Peasants of the Berlusconi Youth have to add to the debate? Nothing that hasn’t been said in the various articles and blog posts floating around the interweb already. The analogy with shari’a is entirely justified in my opinion (and members of ostensibly secularist organizations who immediately claimed racism probably revealed more about their politically opportunistic and intellectually bankrupt assumptions about Islam than about any ostensible prejudice from their antagonists; that is, any analogy with Islam must be some reactionary put-down) as are the comments suggesting that at least some of the difficulty arising from the absurdity of a gang of revolutionary LARPers having a go at CSI: Hackney  – tell me again how that Proletarian forensic science works and why its so superior to bourgeois forensic science – is that the alleged will not have the opportunity to clear his name in a legitimate court (bourgeois puppet, kangaroo, clown, or otherwise) as are the comments pointing out that this is all rather predictable within the logic of Leninism; it’s entirely reasonable within Leninist praxis to demand the individual subordinate themselves to the good of the Party (as defined by the Central Committee, of course) since the Party, as everyone who isn’t an ultra-left adventurist or liquidationist reformist understands, carries with it the hopes for all mankind. Will Britain and the world miss the SWP? No more or less than we miss that Hale-Bopp comet cult.

I had a law lecturer once who liked to go off on rants ‘n’ tangents in lectures but he would always stop the recording before he did so, invoking “The Nixon Rule”.

We had no idea what he was talking about, so he explained once that the Nixon Rule was, quite simply, that you do not leave recordings of yourself doing or plotting illegal activities.

I was thinking about this just nao reading about an English maths teacher who has allegedly fucked off to France with one of his 15 year old students.   

A lot of things about this story are kind of messed up, including the fact that he took her to France on the Ferry – suggesting that he was too cheap or too poor for the Eurostar. If I was an underage girl fleeing the country with a teacher twice my age, I would at least make sure that he could provide me with a certain standard living – that would not include inhaling diesel fumes while standing in line for the ferry bathroom behind some Romanian coach passengers.

But here’s the other messed-up thing:

Mr Forrest, a maths teacher at Megan’s school, is believed to have debated “what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable?” before concluding that “actually we get a lot of things wrong”.

In a blog post written in May this year, he allegedly said: “At the end of the day I was satisfied that if you can look at yourself in the mirror and know that, under all the front, that you are a good person, that should have faith in your own judgment.”

And here is the blog.

And here is the tortured acoustic emo of a deeply unhappy man who will probably be writing songs about hearing trains headed on down to San Antonio or snitches getting stitches before too long.

And here is the list of artists who can all be individually and collectively blamed for this. Of all the artists on the list I would personally put those menaces to youth Paramore and Dashboard Confessional at the top of the moral panic hit list. And I notice that amongst all those bands, Accoustic Emo Loverboi has no room for Jawbreaker. You can commence the tasering, officers, such a man deserves no mercy.

But I’m thinking, what kind of dumbass considering absconding with an underage girl blogs about it?

Does he not think that the police and courts might find his desperate attempts to justify criminal activity of interest? I mean, effectively saying that if you’re a decent bloke on the weight of things you can kind of disregard age of consent laws is gonna make it rather difficult to argue that this was all just a drunken accident when they catch you sobbing in a cheap motel near Orly airport with a one-way ticket to Mogadishu, isn’t it?



Are the workers and peasants of the interwebs as excited as the workers and peasants of the Berlusconi Youth about the start of Yurope’s largest furry convention, Eurofurence 18? Time to get excited bitches! I hear Margot Honecker herself is flying in from South America! She’ll be the sexy lady chipmonk in the first season ST:TNG uniform. See you in Magdeburg!