The workers and peasants of the Berlusconi Youth are headed off to the Saudi Arabia of feminism! The imperialist running dog of the American Empire! Sweden!

Now I don’t want to get into an argument about this. Maybe St Julian really is being set-up by the CIA. Or maybe he’s being set-up by a cabal of Nordic feminaxelites. I’m sure if people keep arguing about it on the internet long enough, and link to enough pages from justice4assange and infowars, the truth will come out soon enough.

I’m sure that we can all agree with our Comrades in the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) that the true political lesson to be learned from this situation is that we must redouble our efforts to defend the progressive administration of Bashar Al Assad.


“When I get together with my male vegan friends, we do sometimes grumble a bit about all the vegan women with non-vegan men,” he says.

Race traitors!

We have underestimated the North…

Did you know that there is racist stuff on the internet? I’m as shocked as you. Next thing you’ll be telling me there are dirty pictures and boring blogs as well…

Did you hear that?



It’s the sounds of millions of young women’s hearts breaking as one, all around the world:

Kim Jong-un is having an affair with a previously married singer who has been pictured with the North Korea leader at several recent events, according to reports. South Korean intelligence sources named the attractive, short-haired woman as Hyon Song-wol, who used to front the Bochonbo Electronic Music Band and was hugely popular among the North Korean masses.

I mean srsly the BEMB? What common taste the Dear Respected General of Glorious Mount Paektu-Type has! He should be dating the chick from Dirty Projectors or ironically dating the chick from Cults.

Andy Murray, the mopey emo bitch of British sport, has qualified for the Wimbledon Final. The prophetic words of Bono (PBUH) 29 years ago have come to pass. Did he not tell us that the real battle has just begun to claim the victory Jesus won?

I argue that Pokémon offers a demonstrative and constitutive moment of the financializaion of contemporary cultural life in ways that signal an intensification of finance, risk, debt and cognitive labour as global imperatives. I suggest that children’s play with Pokémon cards can help us revisit tenacious debates within Cultural Studies over structure and agency by focusing on the social production of value (in this case, the way children produce common forms of value for their card collections) and how this is connected to economic value in an age of speculative capital. In particular, I argue that Pokémon emblematizes emerging trends in the way the financialized economy develops and depends on commodified social practices that offer resources for the development of financialized subjectivities and engineered forms of agency.

I mean you see work like this and it makes you regret just what a liberal non-event BronyCons have become in the post-Libor lowball episteme. I mean are the organizers even identifying as postmarxists anymore? I don’t even think they are. I know right? Seriously, BronyCons have become a bigger letdown than Occupy the Society of Biblical Literature.