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Clueless and Vindictive

Clueless and vindictive

“…if you don’t like what people are saying online don’t hide away in your branch meetings…”


Petty Bourgeois Barbarians At The Gates!

Comrade Delta, Comrade Alpha

Just as the 6th Congress of the Communist International called for the “application of the most perfect methods of statistical accounting” in the building of communism, so it is that the struggle for the soul of what is, objectively, the single legitimate organ for the revolutionary advancement of the workers and peasants of the United Kingdom comes down to a question of numbers.

What is the precise percentage of ultra-left/petty bourgeois, social fascist/syndicalist pseudo-comrades infected by the liberal virus of feminism/reformism who can be purged from the SWP, without fatally reducing revenue streams and cadre labour such that the revolution which has been objectively imminent for the last forty years is, in actually, undermined?

And can the true sons, daughters and trans-sensitive yoof of Marxist-Leninist Democratic Centralism reach this golden number before the Central Committee starts to wield to IRL banhammer?


You’re a Mean One, Comrade Delta

Hands Off Mali

The tireless Workers and Peasants of the Berlusconi Youth have been undergoing what one might call “holiday-style treatment” for the past few months.

But then something came along so bizarre, so objectively fucked-up, that even We had to emerge from our heavily guarded compound to issue a public statement.

(See relevant, above)









Etc., Etc.

What do the Workers and Peasants of the Berlusconi Youth have to add to the debate? Nothing that hasn’t been said in the various articles and blog posts floating around the interweb already. The analogy with shari’a is entirely justified in my opinion (and members of ostensibly secularist organizations who immediately claimed racism probably revealed more about their politically opportunistic and intellectually bankrupt assumptions about Islam than about any ostensible prejudice from their antagonists; that is, any analogy with Islam must be some reactionary put-down) as are the comments suggesting that at least some of the difficulty arising from the absurdity of a gang of revolutionary LARPers having a go at CSI: Hackney  – tell me again how that Proletarian forensic science works and why its so superior to bourgeois forensic science – is that the alleged will not have the opportunity to clear his name in a legitimate court (bourgeois puppet, kangaroo, clown, or otherwise) as are the comments pointing out that this is all rather predictable within the logic of Leninism; it’s entirely reasonable within Leninist praxis to demand the individual subordinate themselves to the good of the Party (as defined by the Central Committee, of course) since the Party, as everyone who isn’t an ultra-left adventurist or liquidationist reformist understands, carries with it the hopes for all mankind. Will Britain and the world miss the SWP? No more or less than we miss that Hale-Bopp comet cult.


The Esteemed Berlusconi Youth has been disagreeing with the Esteemed Scary Door about RLSH.

That’s Real Life Super Heroes to you noob.

You’re so like 2001.

Bet you don’t even have a myspace.

I disagree that these guys are fascists: “The same ubermensch delusion inflicting Anders Breivik inflicts these people, people who, by the way, fit the classic fascist profile; the suburban and rural middle class. Fear is the steroid inflating their fantasies.”

That’s also the classic profile of Socialist Workers Party members when they go back to mum’s house during semester breaks. I got a 2/2 but I quoted Alex Callinicos so it all equals out rite!!

“Dark Spartan isn’t a real superhero! He’s a man in riot gear who helps drunks home.”

“I’m willfully blind to the rampaging fascist threat in our midst!” you mean. “¡No pasarán!”

Besides, for every “Black Monday Society” there’s a “Black Arrow” or “Entomo“. And how do you even stand our as a crazed reactionary in Salt Lake City?

Read an interview with the RLSH “Thanatos” here. And an interview by the same guy with my mum “Roland” here. Mum says if my marks don’t improve next semester she’s not paying for that internship at the Journalists Union. She’s a total bitch.

No wonder dad left us.

What Is Your Trauma With Leninism Anyway?

If I had a Swiss franc for every time my friend next door asked me that – and not always in response to a comment of mine about Leninism, mind you – I would have close on $US5.

“There is a story – possibly apocryphal, but also, sadly, quite possibly not – of a wonderful faux pasa few years ago at the Socialist Workers Party annual school, Marxism. A young and inexperienced comrade chairing a large session at the event was being shepherded through the experience by SWP old hands. In addition to whispered advice and instructions, the comrade was also on the receiving end of a steady stream of written notes suggesting announcements she could make to the meeting.

“Another arrived and she dutifully read out its contents, no doubt to the consternation of its now departed author, Lindsey German. The gist of it was along of the lines of: ‘Don’t let any speakers from the sects in – make sure SWP comrades talk’.


In other news, the workers and peasants of Berlusconi Youth, being equal opportunity bourgeois cynics, extend communist felicitations to Comrade JD who “has topped up his existing regular payment by £5” and comrades MZ and EM “who forked out £50 to buy a new party gazebo“. We can only echo the sentiments of Comrade Fischer when he writes, “Your conscientiousness does you credit, comrades!

Finally, the workers and peasants of Berlusconi youth extend the most militant of juche greetings to the 28,116 deputies unanimously elected to local authorities in North Korea, with an impressive voter turnout of 99.7%.

Special Circle of Hell

Party notes.

Melbourne Democratic Centralism Lending Library.

“I’ve written my resignation to Charlie and I’m joining the only real working class organisation with street-tough credibility – The Salvation Army. So fuck off keyboard warriors I’m off to sell the War Cry.”